Battery for HP Compaq Presario CQ42 CQ43 CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CQ62 CQ72-MU06


  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.1V(Compatible with 10.8V)
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Cell: 6 Cells
  • Condition: Brand New , ‘A’ grade cells, 100% Compatible!
  • Color: Black as Pictures
  • Warranty: 06 Months



Compatible Part Numbers:

HP MU06 MU09 586006-321 586006-361 586007-541 586028-341 588178-141 593553-001 593554-001 593562-001

Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion Laptop:
HP Presario Laptop
CQ42 CQ32 CQ62 CQ72 CQ43 CQ43-300 CQ43-100 CQ56z-200 CQ62-100 CQ62-200 CQ430
HP Pavilion DM4 : DM4-1165DX DM4-1253CL DM4-1265DX DM4-2015DX DM4-2165DX DM4-3013CL DM4-3050US DM4-3055DX
HP Pavilion DV5 DV6 DV7 Laptop:
HP Pavilion DV5: DV5-1250US DV5-2000 DV5-2035DX DV5-2045DX DV5-2074DX DV5-2129WM DV5-2135DX DV5-2155DX
HP Pavilion DV6: DV6-3000 DV6-3010US DV6-3019WM DV6-3025DX DV6-3230US DV6-3257CL DV6-3013CL DV6-6000 DV6-6013CL
DV6-6033CL DV6-6120US DV6-6135DX DV6-6145DX DV6-6180US DV6-6C10US DV6-6C13TX DV6-6C35DX DV6-6C40US DV6-6C43CL
DV6-6C43NR DV6-6C47CL DV6-6C48US DV6-6C50CA DV6-6C50US DV6-6C51CA DV6-6C53CL DV6-6C53NR DV6-6C54NR DV6-6C57NR DV6-6C73CA
HP Pavilion DV7:DV7-4000 DV7-4060US DV7-4065DX DV7-6000

HP Pavilion G Series Laptop
G42-410US G42-475DX G56-100SA G56-106EA G56-107SA G56-108SA G56-130SA
G62-100 G62-106SA G62-107SA G62-140US G62-144DX G62-149WM G62-219WM G62-225DX G72-102SA G72-105SA G72-130SA G72-250US G72-260US
HP Pavilion G4: G4-1011NR G4-1015DX G4-1104DX
HP Pavilion G6: G6-1A69US G6-1B60US G6-1B87CL G6-1D26DX G6-1D46DX G6-1D79DX G6-1C58DX G6-1D60US G6-1D73US G6-1D70US G6-2109 G6-2211NR G6-2230US G6-2237US G6-2321DX
HP Pavilion G7: G7-1070US G7-1075DX G7-1150US G7-1167DX G7-1219WM G7-1227NR G7-1261NR G7-1260US G7-1265NR G7-1310US G7-1312NR G7-1317CL G7-1338DX G7-1365DX G7-2010NR G7-2215DX G7-2217CL G7-2022US G7-2269WM

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